Heaven Lyrics – Bryan Adams

Oh, thinkin’ about all our younger yearsThere was only you and meWe were young and wild and free Now nothin’ can take you away from meWe’ve been down that road beforeBut that’s over nowYou keep me comin’ back for more Baby, you’re all that I wantWhen you’re lyin’ here in my armsI’m findin’ it hard … Read more

Go Around Lyrics – Kane Brown

Yeah, we’re five hours, four shots and three beers goneNo telling what the time isIt stopped right when you walked inI can tell somebody else must’ve done you wrong‘Cause you’re trying not to lean in, but you’re looking in my eyesMaybe we’re drunk and maybe it’s lateBut if you ask me then, baby, I’d say … Read more

Congrats Lyrics – LANY

I hope you’re throwing a partyI hope you’re feeling yourselfI know it won’t but the icingOn your cake should say26 going on 12 Round of applauseYou got what you want You broke my fucking heartYou tore my world apartWent so low, I didn’t knowThat you were capable of thatSo here’s to all the timesYou made … Read more

Pink Venom Lyrics – BLACKPINK

[Romanized:] Kick in the door, waving the cocoPapkonina chaenggyeo kkyeodeul saenggak malgoI talk that talk, runways I walk walkNun gamkko pop pop an bwado cheok One by one then two by twoNae sonkkeut tuk hanae da muneojineun jungGatja sho chigon hwaryeohaetjiMakes no sense, you couldn’t get a dollar outta me Ja oneul bamiyaNan dogeul pumeun … Read more