Meet El Presidente Lyrics – Duran Duran

Miss November Tuesday,Bend your rubber rules.Take your time, but don’t takeOff your high heeled shoes.She’s in demand at dinner time;She’s on the factory wall.And when the gentlemen retireGuess who’s in control?She blew your moneyOn taking a cruise.If that isn’t funny,Well, watch out teacher. [CHORUS]Ooh, ooh. When the chamber’s emptyShe said ooh, ooh, Meet El Presidente. … Read more

40 Bars Lyrics – Nicki Minaj

Ha ha, ha haIt’s your girl Nicki Minaj, bitchesListen, y’all better buckle y’all motherfuckin’ seat-belts broadsIt’s goin’ down Fitted down and I’m ready to playWhen ya album gonna drop, bitches never could saySay, “Fuck I look like giving birds they props?Bitches act like they hot, but I heard they not”How the fuck you in the … Read more

1-900-Ms-Minaj Lyrics – Nicki Minaj

(feat. Hell Rell, Red CafĂ©, Murda Mook, Ransom & Gravy) Young Big Mike, Dirty MoneyAnd the new problem in the gameShe go by the name of Nicki MinajAs Ms. Minaj if you nasty (ta-ha)This shit right hereIs the motherfuckin’ mixtapePlaytime is OverFind you one, I don’t co-sign no bullshitNo more talk, let’s get it poppin’! … Read more

Honest Lyrics – Justin Bieber

(feat. Don Toliver) Honest (Honest)You’re modest, I like it (I like it)You stay down and you the baddest (Baddest)Find you in the cut, I copped it (I copped it) Honest (Honest)You kept it real with me from jump (From jump)It’s 23 when you get dunked on (Splash)I put it in and that shit sunk (And … Read more