FOR A NUT Lyrics – Future

(feat. Gunna & Young Thug) Hold up, PlutoThey said that they wanted thatWhewHow you comin’? (ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)Whew, whew I can boss a bitch up for a nut (Whew, whew)That lil’ bitty watch, it wasn’t nothin’ (Whew, whew)I can boss a bitch up for a nut (Whew, whew)That lil’ bitty watch, it wasn’t nothin’ … Read more

I’M DAT NIGGA Lyrics – Future

(DY Krazy) Hot, hot, hot, hotHot, hot, hot, hot (I’m that nigga, ooh)Hot, hot, hot, hot (It’s that new Freebandz, Pluto)Hot, hot, hot, hot (‘Luminati, know what I’m sayin’?) Don’t play ’bout the legacy, havin’ more stripes than a referee, trappin’ a sport, huhGo back to the basics, connect with the Zoes then we clique … Read more

712PM Lyrics – Future

(8…)(Wheezy outta here) Sitting behind five percent, you can see the chinainLil’ one going crazy, ready to sprrt for the ginangIf it wasn’t for Google, man that bitch wouldn’t know my nicknameDropped a Maybach truck on a watch and it was plain janeLet the door swang, swang the door open, smell cocaineTrafficking drug money and … Read more

JS4E Lyrics – Arcangel

D-Note Is On The BeatThe BeatllionareAustin, Austin, Austin, AustinAustin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin¡Esto es Arcángel “La Maravilla”! Salimo’ de abajo endecando el trabajoEl paquete sin un tajo, el dinero lo bajoY el que nos venga a frontear, se lo va a llevar el que lo trajoLe damo’ en la motherPaso el tiempo, tengo dinero, respeto … Read more

La Jumpa Lyrics – Arcangel, Bad Bunny

AjáYaoArcángel, paOnce a—¡Wuh-uh! A ella no le gusta el reggaetónPero le encanta cómo canta la sensación (Yeah)No fue mi intención (Yeah, yeah)Quedarme con to’a la atenciónVivo en una mansión y no me sé ni la dirección (Oh my God)Está cabrón, muy cabrónPapi Arca, pídanme la bendición (Ah, ¡auh!), prraJoder (Tío), mi casa es un hotel … Read more

Boys Like You Lyrics – ITZY

Why you’re calling me upSaying sorry againAlready told you we’re doneWhat didn’t you get?Don’t forget you’re the oneThat tried to get with my friendsThe end the end the end the end Well, you must be going crazyThinking I’ll be back, I’m sorry‘Cause you’re crying like a babyBut do I look like your mommy?Take a look … Read more

Freaky Lyrics – ITZY

[Romanized:] Na-na, yeah, uhNo, no, no, no, no, no Malkkoril butjapgo neullyeoYuchihan geu patternBaeryeo eomneun taedoTujeongman neureoga neoBanbokdoeneun gamjeong nangbiBadakkkaji wastedBwajulsurok crazyAecheoreom tteman sseuneun kkol I hate that, hate thatA jeongmal wae irae? wae irae?Ne ibeuro baeteun fakeGeu daeganeun pain Neon ppyeotsokkkaji it’s freakyJigeutjigeut hae, so trickyUreodo mwo eorimeopjiHonjaga ttak eoulliniSee how I’ll leave itMeongcheonghan … Read more