(Korean Version) [Romanized:] BLACKPINK in your areaBLACKPINK in your area Been a bad girl, I know I amAnd I’m so hot, I need a fanI don’t want a boy, I need a man Click-clackBadda bing badda boomMuneul bakchamyeon modu nal barabomGudi aesseo noryeok an haedoModeun namjadeuleun kopiga pangpangpangPangpang parapara pangpangpangJigeum nal wihan chukbaereul jjanjjanjjanHands up … Read more

AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST(Japanese Version) Lyrics – BLACKPINK

[Romanized:] [Jennie & Lisa:]Little bit of thatLittle bit of thisLittle bit of thatGimme gimme gimmeGimme little bit of that [Jennie:]Anata shika mie naiDoki doki sichau waAka ramu kao mune no naka moOmoi doori ni ika naino [Jisoo:]Hito nigiri no sunaNo you marude anata waTegowai hodo hikareru mottoOmoi doori ni ika naino [Rosé:]Watashi no toiki o … Read more

Fun Lyrics – Selena Gomez

This is just what the doctor orderedPut a gold star on my disorderYeah, we’ve talked around every cornerIf I’m looking at you and me, we’re on some kind of symmetry I’m a sensitive situationYou’re a hot and cold combinationOh, we both know we got complicationsIf I’m looking at you and me, we’re on some kind … Read more

Fetish Lyrics – Selena Gomez

(feat. Gucci Mane) [Selena Gomez:]Take it or leave itBaby take it or leave itBut I know you won’t leave it‘Cause I know that you need itLook in the mirrorWhen I look in the mirrorBaby I see it clearerWhy you wanna be nearer I’m not surprisedI sympathizeI can’t denyYour appetite You got a fetish for my … Read more

Feel Me Lyrics – Selena Gomez

No one love you like I love yaNever cheat, never lieNever put no one above yaI gave you space and timeNow you’re telling me you miss itAnd I’m still on your mindWe were one in a millionAnd love is hard to find Do you stay up lateJust so you don’t dream? Every time your lips … Read more

Falling Down Lyrics – Selena Gomez

Oh-oh oh ooh-ooh-ooh You walk and talk like you’re some new sensationYou move in circles you don’t need an invitationYou spend your money – you can’t get no satisfactionYou play it right so you can get the right reaction It won’t be long, my darlingPick up the phone, nobody’s on itWhere are your friends now, … Read more